The Botanist|Tasty Dinner & Smoking Cocktails

The Botanist has a lot to offer, with an extensive cocktail list and varied menu, now what to chose?


Its Saturday Night, so that definitely calls for a date night dinner, especially when the day has been spent tidying the house and you have no food left in the fridge.

Having visited the The Botanist previously for a works leaving do, I couldn’t wait to come back. The interior is beautiful, serious house interior goals, who doesn’t need a random glass chandelier in their living room and beautiful rustic table and chair sets which would not go a miss in my dream home.

The Botanist has a lot to offer, with an extensive cocktail list and varied menu, it was hard to decided what to chose. In the end I opted for the Raspberry Disaronno Sour and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Served in a plant pot and with mist pouring out the side it definitely had a touch of theatrics and a great way to start the evening.


Then it was onto the food. Knowing I definitely wanted a dessert, because pudding is the best part of a meal, well in my opinion anyway. We split the calamari to start, this dish is one of my favourite ever and this one was delicious served with piri piri salt and lemon and lime mayo, you couldn’t go wrong.


Followed next by the Malaysian Curry, which was to die for, succulent chicken with peppers, bean sprouts and courgette, with just enough spice.


And then onto my favourite part. So when you can’t decide which to choose because they all sound mouth-wateringly good, its time to convince the boyfriend that splitting them would be a good idea.


I can’t wait to visit again and sample more of the menu.

Where do you keep going back to for dinner?




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