Rome|Definitely wasn’t built in a day

Well Rome definitely wasn’t built in a day, this I can testify too after racking up a step count of over 75,000 across the 3 days we visited.


Well Rome definitely wasn’t built in a day, this I can testify too after racking up a step count of over 75,000 across the 3 days we visited.

So lets start with one of the most important decisions we make when planning a holiday, where to stay. We are all looking for that perfect hideaway. With only 3 days in Rome, top of our hotel requirements was one located within the centre, walking distance from the many sites we had on our list to explore. After narrowing down our search we selected Domus Spagna Capo le Case. A beautiful boutique, bed and breakfast hotel with only 4 rooms situated in a traditional roman building right in the centre of Rome. It definitely met all our needs and more, with sweet on the pillow when you come in after a long day who can ask for more!

IMG_1154IMG_1151Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 19.23.29

The rooms where spacious with contemporary decorations and when gazing out the balcony you could almost pretend you were a local with the curtains billowing behind you, or Juliet waiting for your Romeo to call out to you.


In the morning, breakfast is wheeled into you, a delicious selection of pastries and fruit made all the better as you are able to enjoy the sweet treats whilst sprawled across the bed and not fighting with the masses in a dining room.

Then on to the exploring; top of our list for was the Colosseum. Its definitely one of the most recognisable structures in Rome, situated right in the centre of Rome. In my opinion the heart of Roman history, from the gladiatorial events to mock sea battles. As result we couldn’t walk passed without taking a photo or 10!


Another highlight of the trip was visiting the Vatican, not one to stand in queues in 28 degrees heat, we decided just to explore the outside.

However keeping out of the heat didn’t go as well as planned, in an attempt to find a park, (there definitely looked like there was one marked on the map behind the Vatican) we managed to walk the whole way round ending up right where we started. At least we can now say we have walked the whole border of a country in a day!


Because photos really do speak a thousand words, and my descriptions definitely wouldn’t be able to do justice to the sheer beauty of this magnificent city. I have added a collection of some of the other remarkable places we visited.

Where is your favourite place to visit in Rome?

IMG_1286IMG_1848IMG_1550IMG_1555IMG_1561Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 19.32.15Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 19.32.35IMG_1471IMG_1469Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 19.32.35IMG_1701IMG_1788IMG_1793IMG_1795


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